Welcome To Galaxy

As many of you know I have been working on my own racing website for a while.

So what’s it about?

www.galaxyhorseracing.com is a website designed for people who enjoy a bet on the horses and want to improve their racing knowledge as well their chances of winning on the horses. The service will aim to do this for those who register for our site. There will be packages to suit every kind of horse racing enthusiast. The link is not live yet but the team working on it assure me it will be in the next few days.

My selections are advised in points scaled 1 -10, 1 point being the smallest unit stake and 10 points the largest unit. In terms of multiples I will scale it from 0.5 of a point upwards. In terms of recording results I will declare them in points won and lost. The reason for this is transparent every punter is different .If you are a €10 a point punter there is no use in declaring €1 a point results or €50 a point results either. The idea is the punter simply multiplies the stake they bet at to the points system.

I will post regular blogs,We will have our "Road to Cheltenham series","Notebook horses" and "The racing week that was".

I will have news over the weekend when the link is live I will be on to you.