Mokhalad Wins at Naas 29-4-19


Today will be only about Mokhalad at Naas. It was the night before Punchestown, however, our gaze was firmly fixed on Naas. As our pride and joy, Mokhalad went in the 550 at Naas. It was another night on the road for the Galaxy Horse Racing Syndicate. We were strongly in attendance to get behind our captains banner at Naas. Mokhalad was bidding to continue his already remarkable season. We were looking forward to seeing Mokhalad in action at Naas, a very competitive race however despite 24 runners. Mokhalad was the favorite. As long as we get him home in one piece, everything else will be a bonus was the attitude beforehand. He has been electric so far this season 212 in 3 races. This is the major change in Mokhalad this season he is putting a sequence of runs together. Mokhalad's confidence is really up his coat has come on beautifully from Naas to Tipperary. A sign he is very healthy. We were delighted with how Mokhalad ran in Tipperary. The winner Hathiq was very good on the night. Naas would suit Mokhalad far better in our view, the ground had come right. Mokhalad had a good draw. Although it was very competitive we thought Mokhalad deserved to be favorite, Shane Foley was keen to run provided Mokhalad was A1 after the race in Tipperary Shane kept the ride. Mokhalad had done well since Tipperary he was ready to roll, we were hopeful he could produce another bit of Mokhalad magic.

What happened next was a day we will never forget as Mokhalad pulverized the opposition with a destructive display of speed and class powering to a brilliant win. I could hardly believe my eyes through the binoculars as Mokhalad put his head down, bounding clear. The market saw Mokhalad backed from 13/2 to 10/3 early in the day. Mokhalad was then punted on track from 10/3 into 11/8 touching 5/4 at one point!! Sometimes there just are no words. Our captain, leader and icon Mokhalad delivered yet again. This golden run for Mokhalad continued with a blitz of a display at Naas last night. Mokhalad put his rivals to bed in tremendous fashion running out a very comfortable winner. Of course, we had the best of the draw but you have to make use of it. Credit has to go to Shane Foley who was very confident Damian and the team have got Mokhalad rolling it's been a great job, we will have a look at things now and plan from that point. Mokhalad is the horse of a lifetime we are so grateful to him. Damian's post-race quotes are below

"That was impressive. The run the last day was very good, considering it's a very quick five in Tipperary. He came out of it grand so we said we'd let him take his chance. Shane was saying that he appreciates that little give in the ground. We might just give him a little break now, a couple of weeks off, and have a look at what is coming up later in the summer. Six is his trip, he does get seven so we have options, but he just needs a little bit of give in the ground and good to yielding is ideal. We'll wait and see what the weathers does and pick something out again. We'd hope to get to a premier handicap at some stages along the line. If he could do that at the Curragh in one of the big handicaps we'd be laughing.

I have said it before numerous times about how important Mokhalad is to us. Mokhalad did not need to do anything else to elevate his status in our eyes. He came into the season with some questions to answer, however as a group we always felt with a break and the right conditions. The flame burned brightly still. Mokhalad had got his ground conditions twice last season at Navan (won) and Galway (placed) Mokhalad has had his conditions in his last four runs 2121. The handicapper has had his say rightly so, Mokhalad has been raised 17 pounds since the start of the season. Mokhalad has now won over 55,000 euros and the syndicate 103,00. There has been huge excitement about Alfirak, Stanhope and Trading Point at various stages. However, Mokhalad remains our flagship, our standard bearer he is the benchmark for all our other horses to follow.  We know how lucky we are to have Mokhalad we treasure every day with him. The joy he has brought has been incredible. These truly are the days of our lives we intend to keep enjoying them for as long as we can.