Mokhalad Wins at Naas 13-4-19


Saturday, There is only one place to start Naas where Mokhalad was in action. It was a brilliant day for The Galaxy Horse Racing Syndicate. Mokhalad our captain, our leader and the horse we owe everything to delivered for us at Naas. Mokhalad went into the race on a high having run very well at Navan last time out finishing second. We were very hopeful he could win. Mokhalad produced a performance out of the top drawer. The ground had dried out quite a bit, it was probably as quick as Mokhalad would want it to be fair. Mokhalad we knew would be unable to dominate the early exchanges as he had at Navan.

Damian told Donagh O'Connor to ride Mokhalad with loads of confidence and wait until inside the last furlong using Mokhalad's turn of foot. It was great to give Donagh the winner he now loses his five-pound claim. Donagh was also Mokhalad's first ever jockey. Damian English has been training Mokhalad for speed since he came back into him in February. Stanhope has played his part in this process with Mokhalad enjoying taking Stanhope on at home. Mokhalad arrived on the scene at the furlong pole Donagh and Mokhalad surged through the gap and the rest is history. Donagh O'Connor gave Mokhalad a peach. Mokhalad has now won three times for us taking us on a journey which has been remarkable. Mokhalad is very happy in himself, we could not be more proud of him. Mokhalad has secured his place at the top of the tree yet again. Our other three syndicate horses (Alfirak, Stanhope and Trading Point) have a lot to live up to over the next few weeks as the King (Mokhalad) is not ready to hand over his crown Galaxy crown to anybody just yet. Mokhalad as always got plenty of good wishes after the race he has built up a loyal following. We are grateful for all the good wishes before as well as after the race they mean a lot to us, thank you all.   Mokhalad will head for Naas next with the race he won at Navan having been switched to Naas this year. We would need a bit of rain. Damian, the team and the syndicate will wait for the right conditions ground wise with Galway still the main target for Mokhalad. It is always hard not to get emotional about Mokhalad because of his status in the syndicate's eyes, this was a really great day. We have our horse well and truly back.