Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy

Data protection is about your fundamental right to privacy. recognises, respects, adheres to and values that right and we will ensure that the data that you provide us with, is safe. is committed to respecting your privacy and to complying with all applicable data protection and privacy laws.

We acknowledge that our customers like to be briefed on what we do with their personal data. Therefore the objective of this policy is to inform you how we handle your personal data.


  1. All Data will be obtained fairly. We will make you aware of all purposes that we intend to use your Data for at the time of collection or will be advised to you prior to use.
  2. Data will be accurate and complete and, where necessary, kept up to date
  3. Data will be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which it was obtained.
  4. All acquisition methods will have a clear information piece explaining any intended purposes including secondary uses that may not be obvious to you (e.g. if information is intended to be used for marketing purposes this will be clearly advised to you and an appropriate opt out box will be provided).

Use and disclosure of information

  1. Data will be kept only for clear and legal purposes.
  1. All Data will be processed fairly and in keeping with the purposes for which it was obtained. Data will not be used, disclosed or processed in any manner incompatible with the purposes for which it was obtained. Any personal information relating to the User which the Company receives via will be used only for the purposes for which it was received and for any future communications with the User by the Company or by its affiliates or other third parties carefully selected by the Company as offering products or services in which the User may be interested. The Company will not otherwise disclose any personal information which it receives in respect of the User’s use of to any third party, other than a purchaser of the share capital of the Company or the whole of the business and assets of the Company, without the User’s consent except as required by law. If the User does not wish to receive information about other products or services from either the Company, its affiliates or selected third parties then the User should indicate this in the relevant section of the Site.
  1. Disclosure of Data will only be made to third parties who are our servants or agents acting on our instructions. Save as required by law (e.g. criminal investigations) no disclosure of Data will be made to third parties for those third parties' own purposes or use.
  1. Under no circumstances will lists of customer data/information (i.e. mailing lists or database information) be disclosed to a third party for that third party's exploitation or use without your express permission (e.g. signing up to marketing communications from our affiliates). Data may be legitimately given to’s servants or agents for legitimate purposes as described above. This may include the transfer of data to other jurisdictions for processing. In these circumstances will ensure that adequate contractual and technical safeguards are in place to protect your Data. All such processing will take place in full compliance with all applicable laws.


  1. If Data has been obtained for a purpose without advising you of other compatible secondary purposes for which it is subsequently to be used, the Data will not be so used without advising you.


  1. Data will be kept for no longer than is necessary for the primary purpose for which it was obtained.
  1. Data will be retained for any period required by law.
  1. Some Data that is not otherwise subject to retention for normal reasons may need to be retained because of circumstances such as litigation or government investigation.

Security and Liability Exclusion

  1. As required by the Data Protection Acts 1998 and 2003, the Company follows strict security procedures and takes appropriate measures to ensure that the Users personal information is not damaged, destroyed or disclosed without the User’s consent and to prevent unauthorised access to it. However, the Company cannot be responsible for and therefore excludes all liability for loss or misuse of personal information which is intercepted or otherwise misused by unauthorised persons.