Betting Rules To Live By

The aim of this feature is to try and give the readers some help as regards how they approach betting. I have come up with five betting rules I try and live by.


1. I urge everybody to be selective when you bet at less than 2/1. There is of course a time to bet at under 2/1, but at short prices you have to back too many winners and it doesn't pay in the long term. I am happy to back each way from 3/1 upwards it does not suit everybody but I find it works for me and I think my records reflect this.

2. Don't be put off by big prices. If you fancy a 20-1 shot as much as a 4-1 shot, then have as much on the 20-1 shot as you would the 4/1. Never be afraid to pick up too much its a lovely problem to have. You will get a great kick out of a decent price winner,also a couple of decent priced winners combined with good discipline will keep your betting bank ticking over,this will sustain you during a colder streak. I tipped and backed Lord Windermere when he won the Gold cup in 2014 at 50/1 it was a tremendous buzz.

3. Never chase your losses - there is always another day. Don't be afraid of losing runs - a losing run will come and go it is part and parcel of the game. No such thing as the last race as they say. I am a firm believer in taking the monthly/annual view when it comes to dealing with my profit and loss records

4. Be wary of all gossip news or alleged inside information (especially in 2 year old maidens on the flat and bumpers). The 'fancied or word' horses tend to be poor value and often worth opposing. I have learnt in two year old races and bumpers the fancied horse could run green and they can also catch an unknown horse who is smart (Brave inca won a Bumper at 25/1,Moscow Flyer never won a bumper!!!) I have learned the hard way by the way in my younger days by doing my money avoid it.

5. Cut out all fun or interest bets, and keep a record of all your bets. Try to bet with a bookmaker that all bets, profits, losses and totals are listed and recorded for you. I find this keeps you honest. I myself keep an excel as per this websites statistics sheets an update it daily.