Betting Method – Points System

Our method, points betting system explained and recording of results:

Our selections are advised in points scaled 1 -10, 1 point being the smallest unit stake and 10 points the largest unit. In terms of multiples I will scale it from .5 of a point upwards. In terms of recording results I will declare them in points won and lost. The reason for this is to be transparent as every punter is different .If you are a £10 a point punter there is no use in declaring £1 a point results or £50 a point results either. The idea is the punter simply multiplies the stake they bet at to the points system to calculate their own individual Profit and Loss. The method employed encourages discipline and personal accountability .

Those of you who regularly read betting websites and publications such as the Racing Post will be used to seeing tipsters adopt a points system to go with their betting tips.

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It's the same concept as the examples above except that by using points rather than actual money, it takes into account the fact that different punters bet in vastly different amounts of money.

There's no point recommending a £30 to win if some readers never bet more than £5 at a time while some never bother striking a bet if it's for any less than £100.

By adopting a points system I am indicating how strong I am on the bet I am recommending. Each individual reader may then decide how much to place on my recommended bet based on their own individual staking plan. I tend not to tip horses under 2/1 as it is harder to win over a extended period, that said clearly you have to be dynamic and of course there is a right time to back horses under 2/1.

The selections year to date can be verified on twitter @DerekMcGeehan. There are detailed excels on the bets I have been recommending and struck on this site.